Return Of The Humpback

There have been a few reported sightings of humpback whales over the last few weeks.  Last Tuesday (6th May 2014) the Byron Bay Dive Centre took these photos of a pair of humpback whales passing by Julian Rocks just north of Byron Bay.  These are amongst the first of the population of humpback whales that migrate up Australia’s east coast every year.

According to Professor Peter Harrison of Southern Cross University’s Marine Ecology Research Centre the 2014 east coast humpback whale migration should include up to 20,000 whales.

Over the next few weeks we expect sightings of whales to increase as the the bulk of the population starts making its way past Byron Bay.

Based on last years operations we expect to start the 2014 whale watching tours the second weekend in June (7th).

Stay tuned for more information on the migration.

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