Whale Guarantee

In the unlikely event that we do not encounter humpback whales the whale guarantee allows each whale watcher* a further whale watching tour (issued as a voucher) within the same year as the initial booking.

*(excluding Free of Charge passengers)

What’s the definition of seeing a whale?

Seeing a whale during one of our tours means that we encounter at least one whale within 500 metres and it surfaces multiple times.

Please note that humpback whales are wild animals and although we are unable to predict their behavior we do everything possible to give you a memorable experience.  We are also obliged to recognise the current Australian National Guidelines for Whale and Dolphin Watching.

If we are 2 or more that booked together, do we have to come back as a group?

No, you can come on separate days if you like.

What happens if I still don’t see a whale on my return trip?

In the unlikely event this happens, we issue you another voucher. We repeat this process until you do see whales.

Can I give my return voucher to someone else?

No, your voucher is only issued in your name.

Can I get a refund instead of a return voucher?

No.  We do our best to give you as close and realistic look at humpback whales and this incurs certain costs.

Can I use my return voucher next year?

No, the voucher is valid only for the year it is issued in unless your tour is in the last 4 weeks of the season in which case we will extend it until the next season.